Doh! Displayed Wrong Theme For Who Knows How Long

I’m a dork. Anyone who knows me already knew that. :P

Anyway, some time back–I don’t know when–I broke the theme I mainly use, Ocadia. Thus, I (or my blog) switched to the Default theme. Apparently, when I switched back to Ocadia after fixing it, I used the theme switcher drop down box, instead of the admin panel. Thus, while I was seeing the ocadia theme, visitors were seeing the Default aka Kubrick theme.

Thus, when I have been making posts announcing the changes to my blog, I looked like a doofus because those changes weren’t visible to my visitors. I only modified ocadia. Things like the image scroller, Ajax search results, CSE results in blog… did not work in the Default theme.

I got a hint of this when I was looking at my logs. I noticed that upon visiting my site, the Default css was immediately loaded. I just thought it was because the person had switched to default theme manually. If I had looked at more of the stats, I might have seen the pattern, but I didn’t. I only realized the error when I checked my blog on a couple of computers besides the one that I normally use.

Sorry for any confusion this might have caused.

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