How to Log into Google Groups with a Different Account Than Other Services

I have an account that I use for my Google services like Gmail, iGoogle, etc. However, I want to use a different account for Google Groups. Since the sign-ins propagate to different services, I would get logged into the wrong account in the wrong service. Here’s how I’ve figured out to be able to log into regular Google services with Account A while logged into Groups with Account B.

  • First, log into Account B in Google Groups.
  • Then, go to Gmail and log into Account A.

It seems so simple but it took a lot of trial and error to get the right combination and sequence.

Before, I would be logged into Account A, and when I went to Groups, I would log out of it to log into Account B. However, this affected all other services, particularly my iGoogle page. So I would log out of iGoogle so that I could log into it with Account A, but then that affected Groups, too. It was a vicious cycle.
Hope that helps someone. 

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