Seasonal Scape Spring Scene

Back in March, I chose Seasonal Scape for the theme on my Google Personalized Homepage. All spring, I wondered when Google would update the scenery so that it would show a spring theme instead of a winter scene with a snowman. Since it is almost summer, and I was still seeing a snowman, I went to see what was going on. In the theme settings the Seasonal Scape theme preview showed a spring scene. I switched it to that so now I have a theme that matches the weather (well, not that the winter scene matched the snowlessness of the San Francisco Bay Area).

Since the theme changes as the time of day changes, I thought that it was clever enough to change with the season, without manual intervention. Otherwise, what’s the point of calling it a Seasonal theme? It might as well be called Winter Scape so then I would know I needed to get another theme when the season changed.

Update: After a day of using this, I’ve witnessed several different scenes: a frog and lady bug having donuts and coffee, kung fu fighting, playing badminton , having a lunch picnic, playing cricket, fighting with water balloons and Super Soaker, roasting marshmallows at a campfire.

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