Congrats to Jon Swift

This past weekend, I added a new blogger to my blog roll: Jon Swift. Today, it turned out his blog was voted the “Best North American Blog or Column” by the Blogpower Awards.

I first came across his blog when I was checking out Technorati’s WTF list and saw an entry titled “I Am Paris Hilton.” Curious, I checked it out. The blogger’s tag line was:

I am a reasonable conservative who likes to write about politics
and culture. Since the media is biased I get all my news from Fox News,
Rush Limbaugh and Jay Leno monologues.

I can’t stand Fox News so I rolled my eyes at that. The Jay Leno thing made me question this guy’s grasp on reality, though it wasn’t a surprise since he liked Fox News and Limbaugh.

In his Paris post, Jon, if that really is his name, wrote things like:

What hope do we have for the future when we see that even if we become a wealthy celebrity, we might still be subject to the harsh vagaries of the law.

Who among us cannot imagine ourselves in Paris Hilton‘s
Manolo Blahnik pumps? It does not stretch the imagination to see
ourselves driving our Bentley to buy a cheeseburger late at night and
getting pulled over for the second time in less than a year and charged
with driving without a license after it was suspended for driving while
intoxicated. There but for the grace of God, go I.

It didn’t seem like someone would seriously think that. I searched around to see others had to say about this blogger and came across his post, “Liberal Media Attacks Stephen Colbert.” With this statement, Swift had to be a satirist, like Colbert:

I had never heard of Stephen Colbert before this event but he seems to be a very articulate and sincere conservative.

Ha! Steven Colbert, a sincere conservative. I then realized the creative genius of Swift’s writing. The funny part was reading the comments where people were telling him he didn’t get Colbert, when they were the ones who weren’t getting Swift getting Colbert.

His writing cracks me up, although sometimes it’s hard to know if he’s being sincere. I wonder how a person can write only satiric posts. Is it obvious I have a blog crush on Jon Swift? :D

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