Fluorescent Light Bulb Almost Paid for Itself in One Month

In my living room, I have a halogen floor lamp that uses two 150 W bulbs. They’re also 3-way lights that could go from dim to bright level, except that my lamp can only handle two levels. It’s really hard to find 3-way 150-watt equivalent compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. When I finally found it at Target, there was only one left, although I needed two for the living room lamp. I have the same lamp in my bedroom but I am not in there that much.

Anyway, I got my Pacific Gas & Electric bill today. It is about $7 less than the previous four months! The bulb cost $8, on sale. Since the cold season was over, my bill was about $30 a month. Now it’s about $23. It’s possible it could have been less, too. The date range that the bill covered started one week before I used the new light bulb. I’m saving more than $1 a week, so it’s probable that the light bulb could have already paid for itself.

Maybe something else contributed to the lower bill. I don’t think I’ve changed anything else besides the one light bulb, though. I’ll see in my next bill if this is the beginning of a trend rather than a fluke. I’m also going to go to the store to see if I could find another CFL bulb.

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