Ranked #2 for [thu]

Sweet! My blog ranks #2 for my first name, Thu, in Google. And it only took 9 years. :P Hopefully I don’t jinx myself by writing about this. BTW, my name is pronounced like ‘two’ so that’s why it’s punny that it is #2.

I’ve been using Google since 1998, when it was a student project at Stanford. Back then, my homepage on Stanford’s server easily ranked #1 for my full name, Thu Tu. It was the first time I could find myself in a search engine.

I maintained the rank for years. After graduating, I worked at Stanford, so I was able to keep my site. Eventually, I decided to get my own domain and hosting since I wasn’t going to be at Stanford forever, and I wanted to be able to have a permanent email address and a web site that I wouldn’t lose regardless of where I ended up.

When I got my new domain name, I did not know about 301 redirect. I copied the Stanford site to my new site and linked to it. I disappeared from Google’s SERPs. :(

Eventually, I was able to work my way up to being the #1 Thu Tu.

My goal then, as distant as it seemed at the time, was to at least be on the first page of results for simply, Thu. It’s not that easy to rank for Thu. It’s a common name in Vietnamese; it is also the same spelling for at least one word that I know of; plus, it’s an abbreviation for Thursday in English.

So for now, when someone asks for my number, I can tell him to look me up on Google with either my full or first name. It also serves as a test that this guy at least knows how to use a computer. I can’t be dating a luddite, can I? ;)

As an aside, I do get some visits to my site from people who used the query so it’s an accomplishment that actually has some significance besides being an ego trip. :)

Update 2007-06-18: Down to #3. :( And this is the post that is currently appearing for the query.

Update 2007-06-24: OMG, I’m #1, after dropping down to the bottom of page 1 recently. I won’t start a new post to commemorate lest I jinx myself. Seriously, I didn’t think I could outrank the result from deviantart.com

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