Firefox Used up Almost 600MB Memory

This morning, I noticed Firefox was awfully slow. I clicked on one bookmark and had to wait for the tab to load before I could open the second bookmark. Usually, I open both bookmarks one after the other.

I opened Task Manager to check how much memory it was using. It was over 580MB! I used to only have 512MB of RAM. No wonder my laptop would have issues when FF went up to over 300MB. Now that I have 2GB of RAM, my laptop is less affected by Firefox hogging so much of memory, but FF slows itself down.

I shut down Firefox, and watched the Task Monitor. At first, it looked like Firefox wasn’t going to shut down, but the memory usage slowly went down for a bit and then Firefox was closed. I don’t like to shut down Firefox at home because it messes up the “new posts” info in my favorite forum. At work, it’s not a problem, and I try to remember to close Firefox at the end of the day so that it’s not slow the next day I use it.

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