ATT == A$$

The following video from, Big Ed’s Swan Song, is a parody so it shouldn’t be treated as facts as it was by the submitter in the slashdot thread AT&T CEO Attacks Network Neutrality. However, it does reflect the attitude that A$$, er, AT&T has shown toward net neutrality.

In the discussion about net neutrality, people often bring up how the big sites will be blackmailed into paying more to be able to access their users. Well, how about us little site owners? The corporations could afford to pay the ransom fees. Not all of us can, especially if we’re doing this as a labor of love.

As a web-surfing web-master, I pay my ISP to be able to access the internet. I also pay my webhost so that I can have a website. If the greedy jerks get their way, I will have trouble accessing my own website although I am already paying at both ends of the connection! Whitacre’s claim that only consumers bear the burden of paying for the internet is a lie. Websites are not freeloading off the internet since we have to pay to be able to put stuff into the “pipes” and very popular sites pay more to be able to put more stuff into the “pipes”. Even people who have free websites have freehosts that are footing the bill.

Those who sympathize with the telecoms’ attack on net neutrality argue that the companies invested money into the network and should be able to do what they want. Not all the money was theirs to spend. They were subsidized by our tax dollars!

There’s no need to feel sorry for the ISPs.

One thought on “ATT == A$$”

  1. AT&T is evil in so many ways:
    - The Net Neutrality issue that you’ve mentioned
    - They are the SUCKIEST local phone company I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Inefficient, rude, expensive…
    - And now, they have announced that they plan to declare war on their *customers* and scan their bits for illegal downloads (basically, they’re now the RIAA / MPAA’s bitch).

    The moment I move from SF to MV (in a month or two), I am doing the following:
    - Not reestablishing local phone service. My cell phone + VoIP works for me just fine.
    - Changing my ISP to anyone other than AT&T.
    - Urging other friends to make the switch as well.

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