I Gotta Watch More R-rated Movies

Prior to the past couple of months, I hadn’t gone to the movies for lack of quality movies to motivate me to go. By coincidence, the last three movies I went to see were family-friendly fare: Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and Shrek 3.

You know the drawback to family-friendly fare? Crying babies! ugh. At one point during Shrek 3, I made a comment to my coworker about crying babies/kids needing to be quiet. He said, “Wait til you have kids.” Well, if I have crying kids, I’m not going to be taking them to the movie theater in the first place. There’s this pretty cool invention called DVD. Another option is Pay-Per-View. Or premium movie channels. Yeah, those things take a while, but from what I’ve seen with my friends who are parents, they’re so busy that it’s probably not going to hurt to wait a few months.

Too bad there aren’t R-rated movies that I want to see where there are going to be no kids.

Seriously, when cell phones first became popular, people were very inconsiderate about leaving their ringers on. The maturation of users and/or reminders from the movie theater to silence the ringers had helped to improve the movie-going experience. AMC’s reminder about not adding to the soundtrack includes crying babies, after all.

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