Can’t Always Find What I’m Looking for… So I Look for Something Else to Find It

The past few months, there have been two items that I wanted to find but could not. I didn’t go dancing because I could not find my dancing shoes. My parents invited me to go to China with them later in the year, but I had lost my passport.

The dance shoes weren’t a big problem because I could buy a new pair. The passport was trickier since it would require that I have to go through the whole process of applying for a new passport. I had looked for the passport to no avail but I didn’t try that hard since it wasn’t urgent for me to have it.

Yesterday, my dad called and left a voicemail insisting that I find my passport and/or re-apply so I would have the replacement in time for the trip, considering how long it could take to get a new passport.

So I did research on requirements for replacing the lost passport. One of them was my Citizenship Certificate, which I didn’t have. I didn’t think I lost it, though, since I had a box that I remembered storing it in. Problem was I hadn’t seen it in years so I wasn’t sure of the box’s location.

Since I couldn’t find the box at my apartment, I called my dad to see if he could find the box in their garage.

While waiting for him to search for the box containing the Citizenship Certificate, I made a renewed effort to search my storage room more thoroughly. I didn’t find the passport :(, but found my dance shoes. :)

Hours later, he called and told me he found the certificate and passport! I have no recollection of storing them together. My last memory of the passport was that I had to put it in a safe place. I hate when I do that because I put it away in such a safe place I can’t remember it.

What a relief to find my passport and certificate. The certificate would have been more difficult to replace than the passport, which couldn’t be replaced without the certificate.

Yay for happy endings. :) I just wish I could find things when I’m looking for them, instead of finding item A while searching for item B.

3 thoughts on “Can’t Always Find What I’m Looking for… So I Look for Something Else to Find It”

  1. Oh, you remind me SO much of myself! I am always being surprised by finding something I had misplaced! My daughter suggested I make a special place for things and write a list of what and where they are- then tape the list to my computer ( make copies first!!) so I can always see it! LOL!
    What a dilemma – I am in the boat with you!

  2. hehe… cool! I’m not the only one. I often feel pleasantly surprised when I find something I had lost or forgotten while I wasn’t even looking for it. It’s almost like getting a present. :)

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