Tip: Activating Google Screensaver with Keyboard Shortcut

I’m all about keyboard shortcuts. Particularly since my main computer at home is a laptop, the less I have to move the cursor, the better.

I installed Google Screensaver on my work laptop also. The thing was that the usual keyboard shortcut that I usually use to lock the screen, ctrl-alt-delete, did not immediately activate the screensaver. I decided to try to take advantage of the custom keyboard shortcuts we can assign to shortcuts.

In the Start Menu, navigate to “Run Google Photos Screensaver” shortcut and right-click on the icon. Select Properties. Enter a key you want to use for Shortcut key. At first, I chose S for Screensaver, but then switched to L because my Ubuntu machine used ctrl-alt-l to lock the computer. I figured it would be easier to have the same shortcut.

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