Blood vs Sperm Donation

Today, the Stanford Blood Mobile stopped by Google, making it convenient for us to donate blood without having to go far. When I got back to my cubicle, my coworkers were talking and asking about blood donation… how do you feel? how much blood? how much is a pint? what blood type? Someone asked if they paid more if you have a rarer blood type. I replied, “I guess they could give you more cookies.” :)

It was then pointed out how guys could make $75 by donating sperm. That doesn’t seem right when you think about it. I’m donating blood that could save lives. The sperm donation can contribute to creating life but it’s not exactly critical. And then there are all those issues that could come up with anonymous sperm donations… like a man having all these kids he doesn’t know about. And what if those kids, who would be half-siblings, met and hooked up? ew.

Not that I’m advocating commercializing blood donation… I’m willing to do it for free. It does make you wonder about society’s priorities when life-saving donations are not monetarily compensated when sperm donations are. That’s pretty good money too. I could buy a new Wii game and have some change left over.

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