XM Service Issues 5/21/2007

On Monday 5/21, I was driving home and noticed that the XM satellite signal kept fading in and out along certain parts of the route. I take a different route in the morning and I knew for sure there was one or two flaky spots. I just wasn’t sure that there were so many in my route home in the evening. Since I have a bad memory I wondered maybe it was always an issue but I never noticed until then, when I was trying to listen two a couple of stand-up comedy routines and kept missing funny parts because the signal would drop.

This morning I no longer had to wonder if I would have to deal with missing comedy punchlines while driving home. I got an email from XM radio:

Service Degradation Alert

You may be experiencing temporary degraded performance with your XM reception at the present time. XM is aware of the issue and working diligently to resolve it as soon as possible. We anticipate full signal strength will be restored by early Tuesday morning.

As a customer, that is how I would like to see a company handle service issues. They acknowledged that we weren’t getting the best experience, and gave us an update and estimated time of resolution.


XM Radio Resumes Normal Levels of Service

XM Satellite Radio has resumed normal levels of service for customers who experienced outages or significantly degraded service starting yesterday.

The problem occurred during the loading of software to a critical component of the satellite broadcast system, which resulted in a temporary loss of signal from one of the company’s satellites.

After you turn on your XM radio, please allow five to ten minutes to reacquire the XM signal.

XM apologizes for any inconvenience this has caused.

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