Upgraded to WordPress 2.2

WordPress recently released version 2.2, and today I upgraded my blog. This new version addressed one of the two issues that bugged me recently. It no longer changes <embed> to <ibed>. However, it still changed div tags to p when I include code in my posts. I’ll just have to re-implement the changes I made in the tiny_mce.js file.

2 thoughts on “Upgraded to WordPress 2.2”

  1. Actually, I did try out blogger while I was researching blog apps. :) However, I couldn’t get it to work with my domain. I have my own domain(s) so I am not at the mercy of a third party’s decisions on url names.

    Also, I am a code modder. I am not satisfied with default installations. Having WordPress hosted on my domain gives me the freedom to change the code as I want. The development community is really good, so I can often find answers from other WP users/developers.

    Plus, I can upload files, change .htaccess, and robots.txt. Free hosts often don’t allow any or all of those three.

    Blogger is still cool to use for people who don’t have the same needs nor expectations as I do. It’s not like I won’t read blogs by Blogger bloggers. :)

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