Mr. Darcy Got an Eye Infection :(

Poor Mr. Darcy got an eye infection. :(


This morning, I noticed that one of his eyes didn’t open as much as the other. I thought it was a fluke and didn’t think much about it. A little later, I looked at him more closely in better lighting and the part of the eyelid that is usually light pink was red. He would also demonstrate difficulty opening it.

I called the vet and the closest appointment was 3:30pm in the afternoon. Compared to how hard it is to get an appointment with a regular doctor, that wasn’t so bad. I would just have to leave work early to come home to take him to the vet. It was hard to leave for work knowing and seeing that one eye was unhealthy.

He was diagnosed to have an infection. Closer examination was done with a yellow liquid that glows under black light to ensure that he didn’t have a scratch, perhaps from fighting with his brother.

The vet gave me a choice between two methods of medicating Mr Darcy’s eye. One was the dropper method, which I saw him use for the yellow liquid. The other was ointment. I thought that that would be the easiest one because I envisioned putting it on my finger and rubbing the outside of his closed eye. To help me decide, the vet showed me how to apply the ointment. He opened Mr. Darcy’s eye and squirted the ointment right onto Mr. Darcy’s eyeball! OMG, there was no way I was going to try to hold down my cat, open up his eye, and be able to aim the ointment and providing the right dose. The dropper method seemed simpler after the part where I would open his eye. I was afraid I would accidentally poke him in the eye if I tried to do the ointment method. It’s much easier to count two drops of liquid.

When I brought him home, Mr. Knightley treated him with curiosity and affection. He sniffed his brother very intently, as if he could smell the different scents that he picked him from going to the vet. Then he licked him to help him clean up. So sweet and precious. I’ve heard about how cats would attack another cat because they smelled foreign scents from the cat that had returned from a doctor’s visit. Mr. Knightley doesn’t do that.

In the evening, I had to give Darcy his first dose of medicine. I wrapped him up in a blanket. This is a crucial protective step when dealing with a struggling cat. I opened his eye with one hand, and dropped the drops with the other. Wasn’t too bad. My concern is that he is going to get smart and anticipate medication time (twice a day) and try to hide.

After that, I gave him treats to reward him. He gave me a look that is reminiscent of one of the classic scenes in Shrek 2, where Puss in Boots gave this look:
Puss in Boots Big Eyes

Now, imagine that same look but with one struggling to open. Who can say no to a cat with that look?

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