Virtual Console Graphics Look Much Better Than the Original

I have a Nintendo 64 system (formerly my brother’s) where I started playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Then I got my Wii and played Twilight Princess instead. Once done with that, I went back to OoT. Wow, the difference in graphics was huge. Everything looked so fuzzy. I was playing but then got stuck in the Forest Dungeon so I kind gave up. A part of me still wanted to complete the game, though, by starting over. I made some mistakes and oversights that handicapped me in the dungeon.

Long story short, I decided to get the OoT from the Virtual Console, for kicks and convenience. It’s so much easier to play a game on my Wii with the wirelessness of it all. It’s even easier with VC games where I don’t even have to get up to change disks.

The graphics improvement made it worth it. It’s not like the graphics improved toward realism. It just looked much clearer and more vibrant. It was less pixellated. When I switched back to standard definition television to watch a show, there was a noticeable difference in quality… the VC graphics had better clarity than standard television.

Yet I have a scientific mind. I wondered if there was a placebo effect where I just thought that there was an improvement. So this morning, I started the game on both the Wii and N64.

There difference was amazing. The Wii VC version looked like computer quality graphics compared to the N64. Of course, there are differences in how they are connected to the tv, which might affect the output:

Wii: direct connection via component cables to TV

N64: connected via antenna-type input to my DVD recorder, which connects via composite cables to AV system, which then connects to TV via component.

Hmmm…. Looks like I’ll need to redo the test with a direct connection from the N64 to the TV. I tried a more direct connection:

N64: connected to TV with RF/VHF/UHF (antenna-type)

I can’t tell the difference, if any, between the two types of connections for the N64. However, even with the direct connection for the N64, the VC version of OoT blows away N64. I compared the file selection screens, and the hearts in the game (since both games are in different parts of the adventure). The opening screen also looks clearer but it’s too hard to compare screen vs screen since I can’t have both systems start at the same time.

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