Store Website Not the Place for Politics

I want to get back into ballroom dancing, which I haven’t done for a while since I can’t find my dance shoes. I asked a friend where she bought hers. I did a search and found what seemed to be a match to the store name, which I vaguely recalled.

OMG, the site seems more like a political website than a site for a shoe supply store. It’s simply inappropriate and unprofessional to use a store website to push a political agenda. Seriously. There is a photograph of a dead child! I am turned off by their site enough not to want to go to the brick & mortar store. If they feel that strongly about their message, they should have a separate website and link to it.

I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and entertained the possibility that the site got hacked. I’ve seen hacked sites with political messages. This is too elaborate and thorough a job for it to be a hack job.

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