Start by serving less food than instructed on canned food, instead of serving too much

A day after initiating a total overhaul in my cats’ meal regimen, I learned something: Don’t always follow instructions. :P Not that I follow instructions all the time anyway. For example, I free-feed my cats dry food so I have no idea how much they’re eating. Since they don’t eat every bit of food, I know they’re not like some other cats that will eat everything that is served to them.

The canned food instructed to feed a can for each 6-8 pounds of cat per day. Since my cats both weighed twice that weight range, that would have turned out to be 2 cans per cat a day. Since I was feeding them wet food no more than once a day, that would have been one can per cat at a meal.

I provided each cat with his own can of food for dinner yesterday. They did not finish within the allotted half hour. I brought it out again later in the evening and there were still leftovers. So they had it for breakfast today. Still leftovers. At dinner, they finally finished the remaining bit. I had left out some dry food so they wouldn’t get too hungry during the day.

I think this demonstrated that my cats have some self-control. I wonder if it says anything about how the food tastes to them. They devour a can of tuna really quickly. To be fair, I’m going to give them the food again with a one-can serving.

It would have been much better to give them less food than instructed. If it had not been enough, it’s much easier to give more than to deal with leftover wet food. It can only sit out for half an hour so if the cats are used to being free-fed and eating a little bit at a time, they’re not going to necessarily finish all the food in the desired time. The food would have to be refrigerated. When it is time to serve again, it needs to be microwaved. Hopefully this back and forth won’t exist as I get used to this regimen.

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