Renewed attempt to help cats lose weight

After a year and a half of feeding my cats the same weight control food, and them still being overweight, I’m going to try a whole new regimen. Another reason is that in the aftermath of the Menu Foods pet food recall, people have been talking about the food that they feed their cats, and they seem to be getting better results with brands other than the one that I have been using.

I researched and decided upon three food types from three companies.

Dry Food: Felidae Platinum for Seniors & Overweight Cats

Wet Food: Wellness Canned Formula

Raw Food: Nature’s Variety Raw Frozen Diets

I won’t be feeding them in equal proportions, though. The dry food will be the staple and given at least once a day. Canned food will be given once every few days, to be determined depending on my cats’ response. Raw food will be given once or twice a week.

Their weigh-in before the new diet:

Mr. Darcy: 16.7 lbs

Mr. Knightley: 13.3 lbs

Obviously, one cat needs the weight loss less than the other. He has a smaller frame, though and does have a little extra weight that he could lose. Maybe I’m biased, but I don’t think my cats are fat cats. However, I acknowledge and accept their vet’s assessment that they are overweight and need to lose a pound or so in order to prevent weight-related health problems, like diabetes and arthritis. Also, when a cat gets too big, it will become unable to clean itself because it can’t reach all of its body parts. With two cats, that is less of an issue since they help clean each other, but it’s not really fair to put the onus of cleaning on one cat.

The bonus of this regimen should be that they will have even silkier coats.

Seriously, they are eating better than I would if/when I have to feed myself. Good thing I get fed at work. :)

Let’s wish Mr. Darcy and Mr. Knightley good luck on losing weight.

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