Huge Quality Difference in Wii Graphics in HD vs Standard TV

I brought my Wii with me on my trip to my parents’ place this weekend. To minimize stuff I’d have to disconnect and pack I left the component cable at home and brought the composite cable.

It turned out the 13 year old tv couldn’t have handled the component input anyway. The difference in graphic quality was astounding. Things looked so blurry on standard tv resolution… it was almost painful. I haven’t seen how it would look with HD tv connected with composite cable since I’ve always had the component cable (which arrived over a month before I managed to get a Wii). However, there truly is a difference when comparing HD with component and Standard with composite.

I brought the Wii to pass the time during my vacation while my family members were at work or school. I also wanted to play with my family, though so far only my brother has played with me. He played tennis in high school and it translated to excellent Wii Tennis. Once he got the hang of the timing in virtual tennis, he slaughtered me. Dang it. :)

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