Clean those air vents to keep laptop cool

The past few months, my laptop has been running really hot, as well as very noisily with the fan at full force. At one point, it even shut down spontaneously from being too hot. I visually inspected the fans and they seemed fine. Ideally, I should have opened up the laptop to inspect the fans and vents but I didn’t have the correct screwdriver.

When I went to visit my family for the weekend, I asked my brother if they had such a screwdriver, which they did. He helped me disassemble the fan section of the laptop. My goodness, was there a lot of gunk. Some parts had as much stuff as would be found in a lint filter in a dryer. I could see why my laptop was heating up so much, even with the fans working overtime.

I’ve had my laptop on for a few hours now and I could even set the laptop on my legs and barely feel any warmth. Before the cleaning, the laptop was so hot that when I closed the lid, the lid felt hot. It’s nice not to have to live in fear of my laptop shutting down from overheating. Also, the extreme heat and the fan working overtime likely wasn’t helping the life of my laptop. It’s 2.5 years old at this point, which would be considered old in gadget years, but it’s also an expensive gadget that generally does what I need it to do so I don’t feel the need to upgrade. Especially since upgrading would be a pain considering that I’d have to deal with transferring files over.

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