Cat Shreds Toilet Paper

One of my cats, Mr Knightley, loves to destroy toilet paper. I used to have it roll downward, but my cat had a lot of fun unrolling it. I read a tip to reverse it so it would make it harder for cats to unroll the toilet paper. This was effective in making my cat stop unrolling the paper.

However, now he shreds the toilet paper with his claws. :( I keep the bathroom door closed most of the time to prevent toilet paper waste, but I leave it open when I take a shower to vent the steam. That’s when he comes in and claws at the toilet paper.

I’ve searched for solutions to this problem but haven’t been able to find anything I can apply successfully. I’ve found recessed toilet paper roll dispensers that have a cover but I can’t install any of them since I am renting. I’ve found stands, but I can’t order because they require minimum orders of hundreds of units. Also, those stands include toilet brush holder. I use a disposable type of brush anyway. It would take up extra space in my already tiny bathroom.

The ideal solution is to be able to install a cover using an existing dispenser. If I could just remove the screws to the current dispenser and put in a cover piece only, it won’t affect the dispenser or the paint surrounding the dispenser. I haven’t been able to find such a thing. Too bad I don’t know anyone who works with metal because this seems pretty easy to do. Basically, it would be a piece of metal with a curve that goes over the roll. Then two holes where it would be screwed into the existing dispenser.

I’m hoping someone who has found a solution can share with me because I am at my wit’s end. I buy toilet paper in bulk from Costco so I don’t have to worry about running out so much as hating the mess, and the waste.

2 thoughts on “Cat Shreds Toilet Paper”

  1. hi- my cat shreds and unrolls the toilet paper and it too drives me nuts- that’s how i found your blog, looking for solutions. i did find one at another website that i want to try which is to get a small paper cup and fill it up with water, and set it on top of the toilet paper before the time they usually shred it. for me, colby usually shreds it when i am sleeping or not home, so i am going to try it tonight before i go to bed. he doesn’t like to get wet so hopefully when he tries to unroll the toilet paper the water will hit him and that will be that! good luck!

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