Cat Walk

The weather was really nice today so I decided to take my cats out for a walk. Once I was done putting on their harnesses and leashes, I saw that Mr. Darcy was very unhappy because he was slinking with his body really close to the floor. So I removed his harness and went outside with Mr. Knightley only.

Walking a cat isn’t necessarily like walking a dog. The best part is that it doesn’t entail them having to poop and consequently picking up their poop. My cats are generally outgoing and confident cats but they can be pretty shy and hesitant when I take them outside.

Another interesting observation is that my cats freak out when they see people during the walks. However, when I have friends over, or I take my cats to my parents house, where they are faced with strangers or friends, they are eager to greet people. I wonder if it’s because of the context in which they meet people (indoor vs outdoor), or because they are able to sense that people I know are okay… kind of my friends are their friends. It’s hard to extricate which scenario applies since people I know are introduced to my cats when indoors, and I don’t know the people we encounter when outdoors.

After the final encounter consisting of a family that walked by a few feet away, my cat had had enough. As soon as they were out of sight, he made a run for it right to my apartment door. I’ve heard of cats and dogs knowing their way home but I was still impressed that my indoor-only cat knew exactly where to go. Since he was so insistent on returning to the apartment, I gave in and opened the door to go inside.

During the walk, someone said something like “You have a cute cat.” I guess the polite answer is to say thank you but it feels weird to me. It’s like taking credit for something that I’m not really responsible for. If someone said “you have a cute daughter/son” then you can take some credit since you contributed half the genes. Other than taking care of my cats and providing them with good food to ensure a healthy shiny coat, I didn’t make my cats cute. I picked them because they were cute so I guess I could be complimented on my good taste. :)

Mr Knightley & Mr Darcy

Mr. Knightley, right. Mr. Darcy, left.

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