Final Wii Browser Available

Last night, my Nintendo Wii greeted me with its pretty blue light. I turned it on to see what awaited me. I honestly had no idea. I clicked on the Message icon and it showed that Nintendo had sent a message announcing the Final Wii Browser was available. Yipee!

I did the system update in preparation for the download. It didn’t stall like it did last time. I went to the Shopping Channel to download the browser.

The Final version lives up to what it promises. It loads up quicker than before.

The Start Page has more useful offerings, including a link to Operations Guide and Settings. I think the Search button is new, too.

The Operations Guide led me to useful information about the extra functionality that I wanted out of the browser, namely navigating without having to move the cursor on the screen. I tend to prefer using keyboard shortcuts or mouse button clicks to navigate when I browse. I found it annoying that I had to click the Back button on the toolbar to go back. It turns out that that’s not my only option. The Controls section of the Guide shows that using B and the – buttons on the wiimotes will return the browser to the last page viewed. A lot, if not all, of other toolbar buttons can be accessed with the B-combo, which minimizes the need for having the toolbar visible.

I don’t know if the Trial version had these extra buttons/combos, but I couldn’t have known without the manual, which wasn’t available, as far as I know.

Highlights of the options in the Settings include being able to pick the preference on the visibility of the Toolbar (Always display, Auto-hide, Toggle with 1). It lets us choose between two search engines: Google and Yahoo. There’s also an option to delete cookies, which was something I had actually wanted to do after noticing how a webpage wasn’t behaving the way I thought it should.

I don’t remember if I put Yahoo in my Favorites, but it’s there. I tried out Yahoo Music Videos and it got as far as showing the player with the playlist on the righthand side. However, the video doesn’t work. :( I guess that is some progress since before, the player wouldn’t even display.

The scroll functionality is different from in the Trial version. It takes some getting used to, but I think it’s an improvement.

Unfortunately, it looks like it doesn’t have Flash Player version 8 installed, as evidenced by the Google Talk Homepage gadget error message. I also can’t view videos on nor At least I can watch youtube and Google Videos.

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