How to Enable 30 Second Skip on Logitech Harmony 720 Remote

If you have your Tivo remote control programmed to enable 30 second skip, it might be a cause for concern to switch to using the Harmony 720 Remote… will it support it? Yes, it does. It’s not so straightforward, though, because it is not in the commands database.

I’ll describe the steps to program the Harmony remote so you’ll miss your Tivo remote less. I still think the Tivo remote is the best, but having one remote to control my entertainment system trumps Tivo’s superior design. My Harmony remote replaces 5 remote controls.

Before starting, make sure the original Tivo remote is programmed, as described in the first link in this post. The Harmony needs to be trained by the Tivo remote.

  1. Open the Harmony Remote Software
  2. In the Activities tab, find the activity that controls your Tivo/DirecTV DVR and click on the button that says Customize Buttons
  3. On the far right on the page, click on the button that says Learn Command
  4. Select your Tivo or DirecTV DVR (that uses Tivo) (the following instructions aren’t very clear since I can’t remember them exactly and I can’t go through the steps again since I already have the command set up in my software)
  5. If 30secskip is not listed under Other Commands, scroll all the way down to Learn a New Command
  6. Enter a name for the command, e.g., 30secskip
  7. Use your Tivo remote to train your Harmony remote.

If you don’t know which button to program to use 30secskip, I would suggest “Skip Forward”. That’s what I use and I don’t miss it. If “Skip Back” is set as “replay”, it works well with 30secskip since it skips back about 8 seconds, making it easy to rewind incrementally if 30 second skip goes beyond what you want.

Hope that helps. If you would confirm or clarify the steps after #4, I would really appreciate it.

PS. If the Tivo gets reset and the 30 second skip command is lost, you can program the Harmony remote the way you programmed the Tivo remote.

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