Five Reasons I Blog

I’ve been blog-tagged by Adam (tag) and Sebastian (tag) to write about why I blog.

First, let me clarify that there have been three incarnations of my blog. When I started in 2004, I used a phpbb forum to post “blog” entries. I did it for three months but then lost interest. In early 2006, I decided to try again but installed WordPress, instead of a forum application. I’ve been hooked since then. I don’t write regularly but at least I don’t think I will stop blogging the way I did in 2004. Also, some of my blog entries came from transferring journal-like entries from my photo gallery. That would explain the discrepancy in the dates of my archive if you were following along.

Although some of my core reasons for blogging have been the same since the first incarnation, some are no longer as relevant.

  1. I love to write. In high school, I was editor of the school newspaper. I also like to read the news so that’s something else I would blog about.
  2. I like to educate and inform and give tips when I can. I learn a lot from people on the internet and I feel that I can give back by sharing what I know. I use Google Analytics to see the keywords that visitors use to find my blog. When I see the queries, it further encourages me to blog, knowing that I am providing information that people are seeking.
  3. I do less of this now, but when I started my first blog, it was mainly to rant, though I call it Venting. It was a nice release to purge the thoughts I had in my head. Now that I’m happier with life, I don’t really feel the need to rant that much, or have something bother me so much that I will remember to write about it.
  4. The reason why I started to blog again was that I actually had more to write about. In the intervening time, I became a member of Coppermine dev team where I contributed code, got two cats, new gadgets, and a Wii. Plus, Google continues to release cool products/features.
  5. You know how if you have a significant other–especially one who lives with you–you can tell them random thoughts at random times? Well, I don’t have that at home. Thus my blog is a way for me to express myself whenever and however.

Now, it’s my turn to blog-tag. I’m going to go beyond the SEO world since I don’t know any other SEO who hadn’t already been tagged (or tagged me).

Joachim Mueller: (“ – noch eine unnötige Webseite”; aka GauGau, Coppermine’s project manager)

Dr. Tarique Sani: (“Tarique’s Travails: Shades of Darkness”; Coppermine developer)

Rich Jhong: (“The taste of Ho Ho Puffs “)

I feel like I should post a photo of my cat(s) and me the way Matt did when he wrote about why he blogged. His cats helped inspire me to get my own.

3 thoughts on “Five Reasons I Blog”

  1. Sebastian, I did my best; 4 out of the 5 women I tagged are non-SEO peeps, and Thu doesn’t really count as “SEO” truly (and I mean that in a neutral way :P)

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