Google Maps’ Birthday Gift to Me: My Maps

Ok, well, Google Maps didn’t a release a new feature for my birthday, but the timing is great!

They just launched a new feature called My Maps. The link goes to the Maps homepage, where you will see a new tab called My Maps. Now, anyone who can move a mouse can create a custom map with notes and markers. Before, it took some mighty coding mojo with the API to do something like that. Or, getting a screenshot of the map and using PhotoShop, but that’s against the Terms of Use.

This weekend, I’m having a birthday party at my apartment. The configuration of the complex can be pretty confusing, as it tends to be at a lot of apartment complexes. When I was checking out the place, the person who was showing me the apartment had trouble finding it. That’s why I’m concerned when I invite people over.

As soon as I read the news from Wired about My Maps, I checked it out and created a map to help friends locate the party. The nice thing about the feature is that we can make the map unlisted or public. It’s not completely secure in that anyone who has the url will have access to the map regardless of the view settings, but it’s still nice to have the option not to have custom maps searchable by random people.

There’s so much potential fun in having easily customizable marked-up maps. The first to pop up in my mind is a treasure map!

If you go to the My Maps tab where it has the intro, it has a list of Featured Maps. There’s a fun one depicting life at the GooglePlex. Hey, it can be used as a tour map now! There are also some edumacational maps that can inspire road trips.

Thanks, Maps team!

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