Do NOT Procrastinate with Google Summer of Code Application

This is the night before the deadline for student applications. Remember: the extended deadline is March 26 at 5pm PDT.

I’m going through the applications submitted to Coppermine for Google Summer of Code and have encountered a few server errors. I’ve made comments and evaluations where they didn’t go through. I had to confirm whether the information got posted. Basically, there are a lot of issues that can crop up and the application might not get submitted if you wait until the last minute or even hour. If the system is this busy one day before, it’s unlikely to be any better in the hours before the deadline.

Please submit your application with enough time to deal with the heavy traffic and resulting server errors. This applies to applicants to any project, not just Coppermine. :)

Good luck!

hmmm… I guess we mentors and admins could help by not working on the applications at this time. :)

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