New: Skins for Google Personalized Homepage

As someone who loves to read the news, the Google Personalized homepage is really handy for me. Now Google has added a new feature to add a little pizazz to the page: dynamic themes. When I first read the initial announcements I didn’t expect much… just the ability to change colors.

When the feature was finally live and I was able to check it out, I was quite impressed. The skins don’t just have different colors… they have artistic themes. I chose Seasonal Scape because it has a winter scene depicting a snowman. I don’t know about the other skins, but this one will reflect time of day based on zip code. It is almost 3am and the theme correctly shows nighttime.

It would have been interesting to have the weather match the zip code. However, since I am in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, the particular theme would be kind of boring since the weather doesn’t change that much. I wonder if the different hemispheres would show the right season. It would be weird to show snow for the Southern Hemisphere at this time. I tried it out by going to The feature isn’t available at this time.

We’re one day away from Spring, so I would guess that the scene will change to reflect it, since the theme is called Seasonal Scape and not Winter Scape. It’s great that Google released this feature at this time so we don’t have to wait long to see the transition.

Congrats to the team that worked on this!

This is how the theme looks like. Click on the image if you want to view the bigger image.

Screenshot of Seasonal Scape for Google Personalized Homepage

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