Students: Summer of Code Applications now being accepted

It’s official! Google has published the list of participating mentor organizations for Google Summer of Code 2007: Coppermine’s profile page

Student Application

Here’s information for students on how to apply.


Coppermine Developers who have volunteered to be mentors:
Thu Tu
Abbas Ali
Aditya Mooley
Dr. Tarique Sani

Contact Information

I’m the administrator representing Coppermine. If you have questions that others may benefit from knowing, please ask them in this thread over at the Coppermine forums. Otherwise, you can email me: The email address is specifically for Google Summer of Code communications. For anything else, please use the other means of communication.

Due Date

The last day to submit the student application is March 24. I forgot where I found the due time for the organization application so I can’t confirm it for the student application, but the application should be submitted by 5 PM PDT.

Update: The deadline has been extended to March 26 and the due time is 5 PM PDT, or 12:00 AM UTC March 27, 2007

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