Spring Forward 2007

If you’re in the US, make sure your clocks are showing the correct time. Daylight saving time started 3 weeks early.

So far, these are my gadgets that are not showing the correct time, but should due to sync mechanisms:

  • digital clock that uses radio signal to synchronize time. Even though I changed it to DST on, it is still showing one hour behind
  • Harmony Remote 720. I sync’d it to my computer thinking it would get the correctly updated computer time. It didn’t. I emailed Logitech about it. Update: It turned out that I can change the time on the remote. It’s on the last page of the Activities menu on the remote under System Options. OMG, I think I read the instructions for that but didn’t think to look at the remote. I was looking all over the Harmony client for the option.
  • Sanyo cell phone with Sprint PCS. I thought the phone got the time from the cell towers or something. I wonder what went wrong there. Update: I checked the next day and the time got updated.
  • My car’s clock, which is sync’d to either GPS or XM satellite. I was able to fix it by manually adding 1 hour. It is designed so that I don’t have to manually change for DST on or off. Now, I have to do it. I’ll contact Honda to see if they have anything to address this. This is for a 2004 Accord. To change the time, go to page 4 of the GPS Setup. In the time screen, click the + for the hour in the lower half of the screen.

The Wii, I had to manually change. Initially, I couldn’t find where to change the time so I thought it was automatic. Turned out that to change the time, I had to go under Calendar in the Wii Options. I totally overlooked it because I was looking for Clock or Time.

On the other hand, my microwave is correct, but that’s because I didn’t change the time the last time. :P

DirecTV Tivo is showing the correct time. I got a message from DirecTV that a patch was installed to handle the DST change. Since my Tivo is connected to the phoneline, the updates are done automatically.

My DVD recorder perpetually blinks 12:00… not because I don’t know how to program it. It’s just that it keeps losing the time whenever there is a blackout or something.

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