Wiimote lost sync with console

Tonight, when I used my wiimote to turn on the console, it didn’t respond. The lights blinked at the bottom of the wiimote but then they would turn off. This has happened a few times where my wiimotes would stop communicating with the console.

The first time, I would try to resync each wiimote. I later learned it was more efficient to unplug the power and plug back in. That’s what I did tonight and it fixed things.

The question is why did it even lose synchronization. One would suspect that there was an update, but I could find no evidence of it in my console. However, I have read that updates for the Wii in UK presented a Warp Zone. I wonder if there was an update for my wii, but I didn’t get anything new out of it.

If there were an update, it would be nice to get some confirmation… maybe even use the messaging system.

If you have trouble sync’ing the wiimote(s), you might be doing what I did. I held down the red button on the console. All that is necessary is to push the button.

6 thoughts on “Wiimote lost sync with console”

  1. thanks alot!… had a passive wii for a few days, trying to resyncing it but now discovering just replugging the power works! :D
    definitely had no updates since it’s not connected yet so, yeah… :S weird, no idea what might’ve caused it.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I was having the same problems with my Wii, and spent a while searching Google before I found your post. A lot of other people were having the same problem, but none of them found a way to solve it and ended up just buying new WiiMotes.

    Thanks again for taking the time to make this post!

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