Wii is in a league of its own

Sony execs and fans are doing all they can to differentiate Playstation 3 from the Wii, to the point of saying PS3 shouldn’t be compared to the Wii. They’re right. I didn’t consider buying a PS3, so Sony didn’t lose a customer, but Nintendo gained one.

From all my Wii posts, I might come across as a gamer. Well, I’m one of those lapsed gamers that Nintendo managed to win back. A year ago, I was not into gaming at all. I was completely out of the conversation when my gamer coworkers talked about their games. Then I saw how much fun they were having with the Nintendo DS Lite. I went out and bought a DS. Mario Kart is a lot of fun over wireless. Sometimes, we’ll come across other Googlers we don’t know and play Mario Kart with them.

Then rumors about the new Wii controller came out. I was intrigued. I was turned off by the recent consoles with their numerous buttons. It was so hard learning the buttons that it was frustrating playing games casually on a friend’s console. Being able to emulate real world gestures with the Wiimote was the kind of thing that would simplify game play for me, who doesn’t have the time nor patience to learn so many buttons and combination presses.

When the Wii was about to launch, I still had my reservations, so I decided to wait and see how it would be on a coworker’s console before purchasing one myself. I should have waited in line with him at midnight on launch day. He spent less time in total than I ended up doing, once I decided I really wanted one. I even wrote a script to notify about availability.

It seems I have gotten off-topic, but my point is that no other console has inspired me to go out of my way to buy it. At one point, I considered getting a console to have something for guests to play with when they visited. However, I decided against it since I wouldn’t play with the console on my own because there were no games I was really interested in. The Wii changed that. There are several games that I can enjoy by myself although some of them are more fun with other people. It is a console that guests can have a lot of fun playing with, even those who have zero interest in gaming. I can throw parties specifically for Wii-playing.

If the PS3 had an appealing enough system, even the price wouldn’t be an obstacle. Since I was desperate to get a Wii, I ended up paying close to the cost of a PS3 because I had to get a 5-game bundle plus misc accessories. Despite my desperation, I stuck to my principle of not buying from ebay scalpers. I didn’t want to support those people… the people who took up space in line, depriving others who actually wanted to keep the system.

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