How to Unlock X Missions in Wii Trauma Center Second Opinion

I finally beat the Fallen Heroes mission of Chapter 6 in Wii Trauma Center. Before finishing it, I read that there would be a series of X Missions after Chapter 6. My coworker, who had finished the game before me, did not see those missions. We tried to figure out from other sites how to unlock the X Missions but the instructions seemed unclear. They just said to finish the game.

Since my coworker had already finished the game, it didn’t seem like that was enough. I wondered if we had to beat every mission with a certain grade, or finish every mission, including those in Normal and Hard levels.

Now that I have finished the game and unlocked the X Missions, I think I’ve found the answer (will confirm with my coworker). The credits roll after Chapter 6 is completed. At the end, it asks “Save clear data?” I admit I was confused about the question. I thought maybe they had a typo and meant to ask “Clear data?”. I took the chance that answering “Yes” would save my game data, and it was the right answer. Once saved, it said that loading that clear data would make new features available (something like that). The game “rebooted” to the wrist strap reminder screen. When I loaded my game, it revealed the unlocked X Missions (well, the first of them since we need to unlock one mission at a time).

The X Missions are in a level of their own. That is, every other mission before had Easy, Normal, Hard levels. The X Missions don’t show the option to change level. They are their own level, Extreme. :-O

Update: My coworker confirmed that he had said no when he saw the question at the end of the credits. He was also confused about what it was asking so intended to play it safe. After I told him how I unlocked the X Missions, he tried it and it worked. He’s now on X7–after less than a day. I couldn’t even finish X1. Oh well, I have resumed Zelda after a few weeks hiatus.

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  1. Hello! I have a problem: after finishing (succesfully) the operation of episode 5-9 (“death awaits”) using HT, the game doesn’t go on. I mean I have no selection than repeat the operation. Is this normal? It saves the operation but it seems like there’s no other episode. Thank in advance for your answer. Best regards – N.

  2. Hi Nikoletta
    this happened to me too, you need to go back to level one and pan right and you will see a Z mission. When you complete the first one will appear at level 2 and so on until you finish the one at level 5 which unlocks level 6.

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