One year anniversary of this blog

I just realized that it’s been one year since I have set up this incarnation of my blog. And not just that, but I am still posting a year later, unlike the last time I started a blog in 2004. It’s a testament to WordPress’s awesomeness. I continue to post because it’s so much easier to do so with WordPress. Akismet makes it possible to allow commenting without having my blog infested with spam.

It also helps that I have stuff to write about, too. :) I am encouraged to write because Analytics show that people visit my blog. According to the queries with which people find my blog posts, it would seem that my blog is helping out people. This is a nice motivator.

One of my favorite stats to check out in Analytics is the search engine referral queries. I must say that one of the most memorable/interesting query is someone looking for how to build a missile. Before Homeland Security shuts down my site, I have no information on how to build a missile. I just had a blog post that mentioned missiles.

Many thanks to my visitors and to those of you who left comments (excluding the spam commenters).

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