Wii theme for Coppermine Photo Gallery

I modified Coppermine’s Classic theme to make it Wii friendly. If you visit my gallery on the wii, it will automatically switch to the wii theme. However, if you just want to check it out on your computer, you can check out the wii theme here.

It’s a work-in-progress as I figure out if there are any issues. Once it is done, I will post it in the Coppermine themes contribution board where other themes are shared.

People question what’s the point of browsing on the wii when most people have internet access on their computers. One reason why I wanted to make my gallery wii-viewable is to be able to show pictures on my tv. Wii has a builtin photo viewer but my camera doesn’t use SD, and I already have my pictures in my Coppermine gallery.

Thanks go to the Web design guide for Opera Browser on Wii.

Update: As a Valentine gift to Coppermine users, I have released my theme: http://takethu.com/blog/?p=216

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