Zelda more fun for me with a guide

In games as in real life, I have a very bad sense of direction. So games like Legend of Zelda present a challenge to me. Even if I manage to figure out where to go, I don’t always know what to do or what to do next. Then I stop playing, as I did with Ocarina of Time, when I no longer had my brother to guide me through the game (I started playing when I was visiting my parents in Southern California during the holidays, but I live in Northern California).

When I told a friend yesterday that I was stuck on Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess, he found a game guide from Gamespot. That has made a huge difference. I have made a lot of progress now, and have been able to discover how fun this game is. It’s so neat to be able to swing the Wiimote like a sword, or use it like a fishing pole.

Heads-up to cat owners: My cat was sitting on my lap while I was playing. When the action got intense while I was fighting the bad guys with the sword, the cord connecting the nunchuck and the wiimote was whipping around a lot. To the cat’s mind, that looks a lot like one of those teaser toys. My cat started attacking the cord. So watch out for that. ;)

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