Wiiiii! Woohoo!

I finally got my Wii yesterday. Goodness, what an ordeal it has been. People who know me know how hard I’ve tried to get one. It was difficult to endure the extra week of wait because I chose standard ground shipping :P

It was so worth the wait.

Trauma Center was addictive. And it’s really cool to see that I can improve as I gained more experience. I stayed up til 2am playing it.

I played Wii Sports at a friend’s place this past weekend and I’m still sore from that, but I kept playing anyway last night. I wanted to unlock as many minigames as possible.

I tried Madden Football 2007 but I couldn’t even get through the setup screen. I guess I’ll keep it anyway for when I have football-playing friends over.

This morning, I did Wii Fitness and other games to start my day. This is a fun way to get up in the morning. Plus, it helps me get warmed up. The weather has been incredibly chilly the past few weeks.

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