No more spam, please

It’s really disheartening the amount of work that we webmasters have to put in to protect our websites from comment spammers, and now hackers. Since I have a site with various ways for users to provide input, I have had to spend a lot of time and effort on protecting and modifying those scripts.

The easiest solution is not allowing user input. That’s no fun. I really like to hear from visitors. Fortunately, a lot of the scripts these days have built-in spam prevention. If you look in the sidebar, you can see that Akismet has blocked out over 15 thousand attempts to spam my blog. Imagine if I used no protection, like many other site owners. I have been to some unprotected sites that had so many comment spam entries on one page that it would hang my browser.

Recently, a lot of sites at my webhost had gotten hacked, and hidden porn links were injected on home pages. Now, I have to check my websites to ensure that they haven’t gotten hacked.

I know this is futile, but I want to plead to the spammers and hackers: please leave our sites alone. We haven’t done anything to you. What you’re doing will only hurt the internet in the long run as site owners give up having sites due to the toll spam has taken. Also, hacking is illegal. One day, you are going to hack the wrong site and you will find yourself in jail. Then you’ll experience first hand some of the porno keywords you’re trying to rank for. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that.

PS. Please don’t hack my site. I asked you nicely.

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