Google: Fortune’s #1 Company to Work For

Anyone who works at Google know it’s the best place to work. This was the first year Google was eligible for the list, and it shot to the #1 spot on Fortune Magazine’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work for for 2007. I read the article to see if there was anything new I needed to learn about my employer and I was aware of everything there. One would think that it’s too good to be true, but it’s all true. Things are that great at Google.

This post marks the revealing that I work at Google. Previously, I’ve kept that information confidential for a number of reasons. For the past few months, I have participated in Google’s Webmaster Group as an official Googler so it was inevitable that people will know that I am the same Thu Tu of that group. Now was about a good a time as any for that announcement.

I’ve read some bloggers’ take on the article and noticed they listed some things as free that are not. Unless the article lists them as free, they’re not. Just thought I’d clarify to dispel any misunderstanding. Some things that Googlers pay for:

  • car wash
  • oil change
  • hair cut
  • massages (free with coupons)

I haven’t taken advantage of everything so I don’t know the costs nor if there are costs. The above are the things I know are not necessarily free. The article touts those services, though, because having them on campus is so convenient to employees.

When I have time, I’ll list the things that are confirmed as free.

Update 2009/03/11: During the past few weeks I have gotten comments on this post from visitors in India asking about working from home for an online business and GoogleFortune. After a few of those comments I got suspicious and marked them as spam. Today I saw in myAnalytics the term googlefortune was one of the top queries. I searched for that and came across something called Google Fortune Package. Please note that that is not a Google product and has no affiliation with Google. Also, for readers who weren’t aware, Fortune is a business magazine. Google Fortune Package has no relationship with Google the search engine nor Fortune the magazine, which are the topics of this post. Please do not ask about the package anymore. Thank you.

Addendum to above update. Please read How to steer clear of money scams

7 thoughts on “Google: Fortune’s #1 Company to Work For”

  1. Google seems like a great place to be. What do you do there?

    I had no idea they offered car washes, oil changes, hair cuts and massages. I’m sure there are plenty more things they offer the googlers. Lucky!

  2. I want to work from home. One mail saying Google’s Part asking me to purchase Google Fortune and start working from home. Is it a part of the ever trusted Google? If so, then I am interested to join soon. Please advise.

  3. As I noted at the end of my post, the Google Fortune Package is not affiliated with Google. Please do not ask me for advice on it. If you had read the post, you would not have had to ask. I am leaving these comments up as an example in case people are not reading the post. I will mark as spam consequent comments related to Google Fortune Package.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  4. Hello just recently I received also a Goggle Fortune add and it had someone face that live the next town over me…Aand asked to give $1.97 for processing fee for a tool start kit how true is this.. Inquring minds want to know..

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