First day of vacation and I’m exhausted

I took the day off today because my last chance to see the eye doctor before the end of the year was at noon. I figured I might as well take the day off instead of come in for a little bit, go to the doctor, then work a little bit because it’s a short day due to the day before vacation.

I agreed to getting my eyes dilated. If you have ever had your eyes dilated, you know it makes reading uncomfortable or nearly impossible. After the visit, I walked to a thai restaurant to have lunch. It was awful feeling all farsighted while trying to read the menu.

Here’s a tip. Don’t order spicy food while eating alone at a restaurant. I was experiencing runny eyes and sniffly nose. It must have been a sadder sight that I was eating by myself and looking all teary eyed.

I’ve been thinking of rearranging my home entertainment system so the cabinet isn’t in front of the heater. I took the opportunity today to do it. It seems simple but not really. I have a dual tuner DirecTV Tivo receiver, A/V receiver with dvd player, and dvd player/recorder. These complex machines have even more complex connections and interconnections. I had to move them from one side of the tv to the other with minimal disconnections. Otherwise, there’s no way I could have reconnected things to working order. My dad was the one who hooked things up for me and he’s hundreds of miles away.
Now, I can turn on the central heat if necessary without worrying about the heater messing up my equipment.

Also, I did several loads of laundry. Cleaned up the apartment, and vacuumed.

A pretty productive day for the first day of vacation.

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