Firefox 2.0 upgrade attempt II

I tried for the second time to upgrade to Firefox 2.0. After reading about the lost bookmarks issue, I checked Windows Task Manager to see that Firefox was really no longer running. This time, I didn’t lose my bookmarks. Yipee! Alas, several extensions could not run in v. 2.0:

  • BBCode
  • QuickNote
  • DictionarySearch*

There were some other extensions but I don’t use them much anymore. However, I really have to have BBCode.

*I use the Dictionary extension to Go To urls that aren’t hyperlinked. It also helps me search words by highlighting and selecting from the right-click menu. Unfortunately, v.2 of the Dictionary extension encodes html characters so that the slashes in urls become html entities, which gives 404 errors. I reverted to 1.5 which didn’t have the “feature.” However, v 1.5 doesn’t work in FF v. 2.0

Verdict: downgrading to v. 1.5 again.

2 thoughts on “Firefox 2.0 upgrade attempt II”

  1. I too have had a bookmark issue with Firefox 2.0, thought it was only me. I haven’t really looked around for a solution yet. The Google Browser Sync seems to be choking on something when I load it up on another computer. It inserts rather random horizontal spacers and mixes up the order of the bookmarks. Then I run into the view bookmarks toolbar always being open even though I turn off the view every time. And the third and final bookmark problem is that sometimes it doesn’t grab the page title and leaves a blank space, but not always.

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