Firefox friggin slow; saved the day

The past few days, I’ve noticed Firefox on my work and personal computers were incredibly slow. It was worse than dial-up on an ancient computer. I didn’t correlate it with the upgrade to until tonight.

After being frustrated with Firefox being so slow even while scrolling a page, I thought maybe downgrading to the previous version might help, just like downgrading from Firefox 2 solved the problem with the missing bookmarks.

I had to dig around to finally find the executable. I wish Mozilla would have an easily accessible download page of all versions.

Now that I’m using a known good version,, it has made a huge difference. Firefox is once again its fast self… one of the reasons why I switched to it. It would be unfortunate if some people whose first exposure to Firefox is a slow I searched to see if anyone else had the same problem but only found one result.

Anyway, I hope this helps anyone who has the same issue.

3 thoughts on “Firefox friggin slow; saved the day”

  1. I did try Firefox 2.0, but I lost my bookmarks on my personal computer. Also, not all extensions work in 2.0 so I’m sticking to 1.5 for now.

    I have Opera installed but I simply prefer Firefox. Not to mention I can’t find the Opera version of some Firefox extensions, like web developer toolbar.

  2. Firefox 2 is the worst thing to happen to my computer since Microsoft! SLOW!! SLOW!! I type and can type an entire sentence before it even begins to appear on the screen. Ridiculous! Going back to 1.5.07 now.

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