No Wii for Me… for now :(

Last night, I found out that would sell the Wii online at 8am. I overslept this morning and by the time (8:45am) I checked the website, which was still opened in my browser, it was sold out. :cry:

I wasn’t planning to buy the Wii on launch day but I was at the point of no return. I read that “select” stores may carry them. I’m a couple of miles from a Costco so I thought, what the heck. I’ll get there before it opens at 10am. And if they don’t have it, my visit won’t be in vain because I would finally return a mobile phone that I had been putting off returning.

Alas, they didn’t have any in stock. :( They might have some tomorrow morning. Supplies were limited though. Hmmm… there’s a Costco near work so I could stop by there in the morning before work. But then again, my gamer colleagues might have the same thought… Sigh.

I saw the bundle details before they took them down. The Wii Bundle includes two games: Zelda and Excite Truck. Alas, it doesn’t include an additional Wiimote. :-|

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