Electric Blanket Season

I don’t know about the weather where you are, but in my neck of the suburbs, it’s time to bring out the electric blankets. They seriously make a difference. I not only have an electric blanket for my bed but I have an electric throw for when I am sitting on my couch in the living room.

I got them last cold season and did not have to turn on the central heating system. My utility bill was pretty steady during the cold season, then. My coworker told me how her bill went from around $30 to $50 from using the heating system.

For the blanket, there is a preheat setting. What I’ll do is turn it on before bed time. While I get ready for bed, the blanket warms up, making my bed warm and cozy by the time I get in it.

I use the throw in the morning when I get up and go on the internet on my laptop. It’s much more comfortable than my jacket.

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