Lost Bookmarks in Firefox 2.0 Upgrade

I decided to upgrade to Firefox 2.0 despite it being officially out for only one day. The upgrade process was really quick. When I restarted Firefox, I noticed a huge empty space where my bookmarks used to be. I thought, no problem, I’ll right-click on the toolbar and enable Bookmarks. But it was already enabled. I went to the Bookmarks menu and none of my bookmarks was there.

Um, that sucks.

I looked in my Firefox profile to look for my bookmarks.html. Whew, it still had my bookmark info. I tried to import the file from Bookmark Manager but nothing happened. I tried overwriting a sparse bookmarks.html file with the fuller one. No difference even after restarting.

Enough of this.

I went to my Installs folder and reinstalled v1.5. Fortunately, it wasn’t a problem to downgrade. I was even able to upgrade to the latest 1.5 version from the Help menu.

One thought on “Lost Bookmarks in Firefox 2.0 Upgrade”

  1. hey did you retrieve all you bookmarks? I suddenly lost all mine even the history…i had a back up of my bookmarks but that was 2 months ago i have new ones before it all disappeared.

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