Deter Cats with Bitter Apple Spray

My sister gave me her bottle of Grannick’s Bitter Apple. It is a taste deterrent to keep dogs/cats from biting/eating inappropriate things. I sprayed it on the handles of plastic bags my cat would chew on. My cat would check out the bag but wouldn’t chow down on it like dessert.

It also worked to keep them from chewing the ends of my electric cords (the end that goes into the gadgets).

3 thoughts on “Deter Cats with Bitter Apple Spray”

    1. Yes, my cat who would eat the plastic handles would throw up wads of plastic. I’d prefer it to leave that end than the alternative.

      As for losing weight, I think you should call or visit your pet’s veterinarian to make sure that there is nothing serious going on.

      Good luck! I hope things work out okay.

  1. I started to see my 2 year old cat eating plastic bags. He eats anything that comes in a plastic bag.I Yell when I catch him doing it & he runs away.

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