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I’m testing a Writely* feature that lets us write in Writely and then publish to our blog. It was easy to set up although for a moment I thought that my WordPress blog wasn’t supported. It helped that I followed the instructions to see the api I needed to select for my blog.

If this works, I’m going to enter my blog posts in Writely and then publish to my blog. I have lost a few posts in WP due to disabled referer setting, my webhost security settings, etc. With Writely, things are saved automatically so I don’t have to worry about forgetting to save.

So as Mario declares in Mario Kart: “Here we go!”

* Writely has been changed to Google Docs but I still prefer the name Writely.


Well, it worked, but not without a few glitches.

In Writely, after I clicked the button Post to Blog, the status still said: This document has not been published to your blog. So I was disappointed that it did not work. I went to my blog to check anyway and there was my post.

The second glitch was that the blog post had no title. I would have thought the document title would be the blog title.

Third glitch was that the document tag did not become the post category, as it was supposed to be.

Things aren’t perfect now so that I have to go back to my blog to edit the post to add the title and category. But it’s getting there. I have a feeling it’s not all Google’s fault and that the api file might need to be revised. I’m looking into that.

Update 2: I couldn’t find info on how to fix the AWOL title issue… seems it’s a common complaint. In the meanwhile, I edited xmlrpc.php so it would have a default title indicating that the post is from Writely. It would make it easier to see my posts when I go to the blog to edit the title.

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