Pet Peeve: Misuse/Abuse of lol

Maybe I’m cranky because of PMS, but it bugs me when people sprinkle the use of “lol” here and there in messages and forums. Don’t people realize that it stands for Laugh Out Loud? It irks me when it is used in contexts that don’t even warrant a smile or chuckle… but a laugh out loud response? I’ve seen people use it where things aren’t funny, but awkward. Yeah, in real life, people have nervous laughter… but it’s not the same as laugh out loud laughter.

Please, for col (Crying Out Loud :P) don’t do it.

PS. PMS suxors.

2 thoughts on “Pet Peeve: Misuse/Abuse of lol”

  1. Came here from Google support – saw this and just had to put a note in.

    All I can say, is thank God that you know what lol stands for. When I first used chat rooms back in 98 (yes oldie) I was chatting and having a laugh with some of the lads and one of them kept using lol in responses to me. I ended up asking him if he was gay as I was straight. You see at that time in the UK if you put lol on a letter it meants LOTS OF LOVE whoops!!!

    But I know what it means now honest ;0

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