Another reason for 2 cats: they dry each other off

This morning, I Swiffered my bathroom floor. I have the dry and wet wipes. One of my cats just couldn’t resist stepping on the floor while I cleaned. Despite my commands otherwise, he stepped on it while the floor was wet. Concerned that his paws would pick up the chemicals that he would eventually lick off, I decided I would have to wash off his paws. Yeah, I know, scary.

It was the first time I ever washed my cats with water. I have cat wipes that I use when they get too dirty. I turned on the water in the sink, caught my cat, and proceeded to wash each of his paws. As predicted, he put up quite a fight, and literally tried to climb up against the walls. When done with the fourth paw, I let him go. Then I caught him again to rinse a second time to make sure the chemicals were all washed off.

Of course, he then proceeded to lick off the water to dry himself. His brother meowed a meow of sympathy and concern. He then helped his brother lick off the water. It was so adorable.

One of the reasons for getting two cats is that they can stay cleaner since they help each other clean. We can add to the list that two cats can help each other stay dry. :)

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